You May Be Able to Find Success With a New Format

You May Be Able to Find Success With a New Format

Porn is viewed by many as normal and acceptable. Even some of the younger generation view porn with the same tolerance as other forms of entertainment. But is porn really that bad for women? Recent surveys have suggested that it could in fact lead to a decline in the sex industry among women and in turn, affect their views on porn. These surveys also suggest that porn does not contribute to sexual dysfunction in men but women do feel more shame and guilt when engaging in porn.

Dr Jays, a British sexologist, believes that young people are being influenced by society into believing that all porn is harmful and that watching porn is normal and good. He claims that porn is contributing to the increase in male sexual dysfunctions and low self esteem among men. "On a recent survey I carried out with a group of adolescent girls, all of them watched porn, and only a small number felt that watching porn was harmful to them. In contrast, nearly half of these girls said that watching porn was normal and/or enjoyable." From a recent article published in the Daily Mail:

Dr Says that the survey results should be a wake up call for society: "The results are extremely worrying because they reflect a very distorted view of how porn is supposed to be enjoyed... porn is supposed to be exciting, and most women enjoy some degree of that. This doesn't mean that they view porn as damaging or dangerous. It simply means that they need to be aware that there can be different views about what porn is doing for them." But what can be done? How can mainstream porn sites and movies be controlled?

Well, one solution is to watch porn in another format. Some women may not feel comfortable watching porn in its usual form, so a DVD or better yet, a widescreen version is something to look into. Widescreen versions allow wider viewing angles and more comfortable viewing, making it more interesting for both men and women. Another option is to turn-on sex noises and other visual cues that would normally to turn-off a woman. While some women are turned-on by porn stars, others are turned-on by the writer's creativity and ingenuity.

Another solution is for porn sites to advertise with a female version of their site. When women visit the site they get the advertisement and the same message that the man is getting from the adult advertising section, but this time it's in female form. Ads in a women's magazine or newspaper would also be an effective way to advertise in a different setting and to women who are not used to seeing ads in a mainstream format.

Porn sites may also advertise in the same categories like men do. Women often like to search for explicit content and they'd be happy to see that there are ads for that as well. They may not like the content that they see, but at least they'll know there's something out there that they can use to satisfy their needs.

For a lesbian porn site that is catering to women looking for lesbian porn video, it may be a good idea to advertise in a lesbian-oriented magazine. The women in the community may have different tastes when it comes to porn, and they would be more receptive to your advertisement if it was in an in-depth article on lesbian porn. An example would be an in depth story on why lesbian porn is a turn on for her. This could drive a lot of women to your site and increase your chance of getting them to turn-on.

If you're in the business of producing lesbian porn, another format you may be able to find success in is a VHS tape with a very soft porn voice-over. One example would be the Pink movies with a nurse voice. Women would want a product that was hot and erotic, but one that was also tame enough for mainstream women to enjoy as well. Another format is an all inclusive feature documentary on sex or some other sexual activity. These are some of the ideas you could use to create a successful lesbian porn movie.