Warning Labels and Real Life

Warning Labels and Real Life

Women and porn do not go together. Women do not get caught up in pornography the way men do and often look at pornography as an alternative to sex with their significant other. It appears that women view porn as a form of stimulation that helps them become more aroused and therefore find more pleasure than they would from a less sexual oriented relationship.

Why women watch porn? First of all women have different ideas about what turns them on. Most women see porn as a form of stimulation because of the various types of media that women rely on. Porn movies and sexually related magazines have a tremendous impact on how women view sex and on how they reach orgasm. On the other hand, women watch porn for different reasons. Some women watch porn to satisfy their partners and others just watch it to relax and to get in shape.

The difference between pornography and junkie culture is that women use pornography as a means to an end, while men use it as a way to an end. Men use pornography as a means to an end when they view porn. They either view porn with their partners or they view porn to masturbate alone. Women on the other hand use pornography as a means to an end, using it to shock and titillate their partners.

Women who watch porn with their partners use it as a way to heighten the excitement of foreplay. They believe that women who watch a porn site like Gurusex.net, with their partners are more willing to explore intercourse as well as to stimulate the g-spot during intercourse. Women who watch porn with their partners are also more likely to masturbate alone, rather than initiate masturbation. While women who masturbate alone will rarely ever try out pornography, the fact that they have no one to talk to about it makes them feel awkward and guilty.

A porn audience is also likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. Porn is often used as a means of escapism or a way to deal with traumatic events in a person's life such as divorce. In a porn environment the brain has been trained to deal with problems and trauma without engaging in "normal" sex. It becomes disconnected from reality and often reverts back to forming the "image of the self" associated with the problem or trauma.

While women watch porn in order to alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression, women who masturbate alone may do so in order to avoid dealing with real, everyday emotions. One study done at the Kinsey Institute found that thirty-one percent of adult women admitted that they masturbate because of negative emotions. Twenty-nine percent of women said that they watch porn at work for relief from stress and thirty-one percent said that it helps them sleep better at night. Twenty-four percent said that they use porn to cope with pain or stress. Twenty-one percent said that they use porn in order to have more excitement in their sex lives. These are all valid reasons for women to use pornography.

What makes it even more confusing is that porn doesn't actually teach women anything except what they're told by the porn industry. They are made to think that watching porn is going to solve their relationship problems or relieve emotional pain. The truth is that watching porn is an advertisement for other things. It is used by men as a way to satisfy their partners or by women to masturbate alone. Pornography is just an advert for sex. Women need to stop watching porn and learn about real life and relationships.

When a woman watches porn she becomes an advertisement for sex. This is why the warning labels should be seen as a serious threat to our society. Instead of women watching porn for sexual stimulation, we should be seeing it as a helpful method of teaching women about real life. We need to encourage women to go out into the world and meet new people and create bonds with them. Instead of women seeing pornography as a way of getting what they want from a man, we should see it as an advertisement for a positive lifestyle choice.