The best Korean erotic movies

The best Korean erotic movies

The best Korean erotic movies is a selection of the best oriental erotic cinema. Normally the quality films of this country are given in North Korea. They have given away great movies in the history of cinema, and many of them loaded with hot scenes.

Ranking of the best Korean erotic movies

7. A Secret Experience of Delicious Sex

A writing has a strange power: everything you write comes true. Among other things, a young woman who has sexual relations with him. It is one of the best Korean erotic movies.

6. Perfect Partner

A good movie, and fun, with excellent erotic scenes. As you can see in the image above, where a couple makes love in front of the mirror, there are very morbid moments, which combine very well with the interesting plot that is told. It is one of the best Korean erotic movies.

5. The Concubine

A woman decides to offer herself as the king's concubine. She there she will start a relationship with two men: the prince and a eunuch. Another game of forbidden passions, because the prince is drunk with power and the eunuch will lose everything if his romance is discovered. There is historical rigor, plots of passion and excellent splendor. It is one of the best erotic movies.

4. Lies

It is one of the crudest movies about sadomasochism. Contains shocking scenes not suitable for all stomachs. But if you tolerate the harshness of pain, or you find it morbid to mix pain and pleasure, then you will enjoy it like never before. Because the scenes so hard that Lies shows, I have never seen it in another movie.

3. A Frozer Flower

A period drama with an excellent plot. It combines historical rigor with good eroticism, both without being an erotic film, its excellent moments of sex surpass many others. But look at the morbid image above. It is one of the best Korean erotic movies.

2. The Housemaid

A woman will be hired to work with a partner. At night she will have sexual encounters with her husband, at the mercy of her pregnant woman with twins. The curiosity lies in the danger that the woman could catch them and it seems that she is capable of doing terrible things. It is one of the best Korean erotic movies.

1. La doncella (The Handmaiden)

Few movies show so much horror and eroticism. In fact, I consider that it is the best that knows how to combine both genres so distant. Set in 1930s Korea, a young woman is hired to work as a maid during Japanese colonization. He will work for a couple, but at night he will have morbid relationships… with hers and with her. It is the best erotic movie in South Korea.

Extra: La serie The Heirs

A very successful series, which contains some erotic scenes. Lee Min Ho is surfing in America. He is a beach rascal who will have several flirty moments with very beautiful girls. Those who have tried him will marvel at the excellent kisses he gives. She also has a very sexy voice...

Korean erotic movies released

A Secret Experience of Delicious Sex

La doncella (The Handmaiden)

The concubine

The Housemaid

Lies, 1999

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