The best erotic movies to watch

The best erotic movies to watch

We bring you the best erotic movies, a complete ranking of the 50 best . There are the most famous movies of the best erotic scenes. I invite you to enjoy the best erotic movies and to read the best reviews that are linked to the titles.

The best classic and modern erotic cinema

Before starting with the top erotic movies , I recommend you open your mind and let yourself go. You will enter a world of unparalleled pleasures. This is how you will live eroticism if you let yourself be carried away by the passion and sensuality of the erotic movies on this list. And you will discover many titles that you will like, since we are dealing with quality cinema, with a good plot. Many of them classic works, also called S movies , with subtle hints of sex; others where passion overflows and are very erotic. But all of them correspond to the best eroticism, which you cannot miss.

Ranking of the best erotic movies

  • 1. 9 1/2 weeks, 1986

    This is the most erotic movie in the ranking. It could not be missing among the erotic films that conventional cinema has left for lovers of sexuality. Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke do good erotic scenes: in the rain, with sex and food , tied up in bed...

  • 2. Basic Instinct, 1992

    It is a police thriller with erotic scenes. Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas are the protagonists. Footwork is one of the hottest scenes in cinema .

  • 3. Last Tango in Paris, 1972

    The great Bernardo Bertolucci brings us a torrid story with Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider . A mature man and a young woman will have a passionate relationship.

  • 4. The Ages of Lulu, 1990

    It is the masterpiece of Bigas Luna . Film based on the novel by Almudena Grandes, with Francesca Neri . Javier Bardem also appears as a perverted homosexual.

  • 5. Dreamers, 2003

    A film by Bernardo Bertolucci that pays homage to classic cinema. The beautiful Eva Green appears naked and stars in an incestuous relationship. It is undoubtedly one of the best erotic movies. It is also one of the best English erotica.

  • 6. Lolita, 1997

    No girl (see more perverted girls of the cinema) in the cinema has achieved the sensuality of Sue Lyon and Dominique Swain . Others have tried, but none of them manage to seduce the camera like this girl seduces her stepfather. Incest, sex with minors… Controversy!

  • 7. Nymphomaniac, 2013

    Nymphomaniac was presented in two parts: Volume 1 and Volume 2 , both in 2013. It tells the life of a nymphomaniac , mixing various sex scenes with reflections on art, music, religion and literature. It is another of the best erotic movies.

  • 8. Adele's life, 2013

    A French from 2013 based on the novel by Julie Maroh. It tells the story of a young woman who does not feel identified with adolescents her age and tries to find her sexuality. The best drama with lesbians. The best of French erotic films.

  • 9. Henry and June (The Intimate Diary of Anais Nin), 1990

    Work by Philip Kaufman, with Maria de Medeiros and Uma Thurman . Based on the life of two of the most controversial writers of the 20th century, it tells the story of a woman dissatisfied with her husband, who meets a liberal couple... One of the most provocative hot movies.

  • 10. Shame, 2011

    It speaks of sexuality in a crude , devastating and brutal way. She is a disturbing movie, but at the same time it is wild and accurate, tremendously dramatic and with a sophisticated style. Without a doubt, it is one of the great erotic films of 2011.

  • 11. Eyes Wide Shut, 1999

    Tom Cruise is a happily married respectable doctor. But one day, after attending a party, his wife Nicole Kidman tells him about his erotic fantasies and how she was about to leave him for a stranger. Another of the best erotic movies.

  • 12. The Lover, 1992

    In 1929 colonial Vietnam, a young French woman, Jane March, seduces a handsome Chinese merchant. However, the age difference and the tensions between races pose serious problems for both. It is one of the best erotic movies or softcore movies.

  • 13. Caligula, 1979

    An Italian presented by Tinto Brass in 1979. It is a historical drama, with a high sexual content, that tells of the rise and fall of the Roman Emperor Caligula. Essential among the best erotic movies. Porn movie along with a great dramatic story.

  • 14. Ice Moons, 1992

    Hugh Grant and Kristin Scott-Thomas take a cruise to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary. On board they meet an unlikely couple, Emmanuelle Seigner and Peter Coyote . The handicapped husband proposes to seduce his wife.

  • 15. The Empire of the Senses, 1976

    A couple of Japanese lovers let themselves be carried away by desire, mixing pain with pleasure to unimaginable limits. It was presented in 1976 and was a real revolution in erotic cinema. One of the best erotic movies. It is unpleasant.

  • 16. Lucia and sex, 2001

    In this film by Julio Medem not only does Paz Vega appear naked. Also a good story with good performances from Tristan Ulloa, Najwa Nimri , Daniel Freire, Javier Camara and, my favorite, Elena Anaya . Another of the best hot movies, and for more morbid Spanish.

  • 17. Emmanuelle, 1974

    The first of a saga. Directed by Just Jaeckin and starring Sylvia Kristel . A young newlywed, she is encouraged by her husband to initiate sex and discover the pleasures of the flesh, to materialize her sexual fantasies. Sublime.

  • 18. Fifty Shades of Grey, 2015

    A literature student is commissioned to interview Christian Grey , a young businessman and millionaire. However, the young woman falls in love with him and will have a relationship that will explore the limits of his desires. Mild sadomasochism.

  • 19. One Thousand and One Nights , 1974

    Prince Nur-er-Din tries to find his girlfriend who has been kidnapped. On the journey he will hear stories of sex and betrayal. It is the third part of the Life Trilogy , along with The Decameron and The Canterbury Tales . Of the great erotic sagas.

  • 20. The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1981

    Jack Nicholson is a drifter who arrives at a side road diner and decides to stay to work when he sees Jessica Lange , the owner's attractive wife. She is without a doubt one of the best infidelities in cinema and also one of the best of the 80s .

  • 21. Night porter, 1974

    After the Second World War, a Jewish woman recognizes in the doorman of the hotel the Nazi officer who in a concentration camp used her as a sexual object in a sadomasochistic relationship. Great, one of the best erotic movies.

  • 22. Intimacy, 2001

    Two unknown people have furtive encounters with the sole intention of having sexual relations. Soon the simple relationship will become more complex, as feelings, drama and curiosities come into play. Sex between strangers.

  • 23. Leaving Las Vegas, 1995

    Romantic drama with touches of eroticism, starring Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue . An alcoholic decides to go to Las Vegas to drink himself to death. There she meets a whore who will become her partner. Another of the best erotic movies, and curious.

  • 24. Showgirls, 2005

    An ambitious young woman travels to Las Vegas to become a star of the show. She starts out working as a striptease dancer and will soon get a better job... but she will discover that it is a very hard world. She is Elizabeth Berkley .

  • 25. The unbearable lightness of being, 1987

    In Prague in 1968, a very womanizing man aspires to find happiness in the arms of many women, without being affected by commitment. Philip Kaufman is directing and Daniel Day-Lewis is starring alongside Juliette Binoche .

  • 26. Diary of a Nymphomaniac, 2008

    Morbid Spanish film of 2008 presented by Christian Molina, based on the novel by the sexologist Valerie Tasso and starring Belen Fabra as Val. A liberal woman is in constant search of sexuality. It is one of the best erotic movies, and Spanish.

  • 27. Desire, Danger, 2007

    Shanghai, 1972. The city is occupied by the Japanese. A girl meets a man with turbulent business, becoming an actress and a femme fatale… It is one of the best erotic movies. One of those Asian gems.

  • 28. Lie With Me. Leila's intimate diary, 2005

    Leila, Lauren Lee Smith , is a very sexually active young woman who has noticed a boy with a girlfriend and won't stop until she seduces him. But her way of seducing him is by flirting with other guys... One of the best about nymphomaniacs. I loved.

  • 29. And your mom too, 2001

    It will be remembered for the trio performed by the protagonists. Let us remember that they are, nothing more and nothing less than Diego Luna ( Elysium , 2013), Gael Garcia Bernal ( Babel , 2006) and Maribel Verdu ( Pan's Labyrinth , 2006). A woman with two kids...

  • 30. The taste of watermelon, 2005

    Taiwan suffers from drought. On television, advice is given to save water and take advantage of the watermelon juice. Everyone has their own means of finding water. Another of the Asian jewels, it is among the best Asian erotica.

  • 31. Secretary, 2002

    Lee Holloway and Edward Gray spend their office hours forging a sadomasochistic relationship. The submissive secretary will end up carrying the mail on all fours with her mouth and her ass in pomp... One of the best with sadomasochism. The inspiration of Mr. Grey.

  • 32. Wild Games, 1998

    Denise Richards and Neve Campbell star in some risqué scenes in the erotic thriller . In particular we focus on what happens in the pool: A very wet kiss. Another of the best erotic movies. Police thriller and erotic scenes.

  • 33. Salon Kitty, 1976

    In the midst of World War 2, the Nazis decide to replace Kitty's brothel with beautiful German women. The owner of the brothel, Kitty, will not accept the new rules and will decide to stand up to the Germans. A benchmark among the best movies about prostitution.

  • 34. Kamasutra Tales in the Perfumed Garden, 2000

    A couple with sexual problems decide to go live in India. There they will know the Kamasutra . With the help of that book the curse will be broken and they will be able to reach nirvana. It is one of the best erotic movies of mystical eroticism.

  • 35. Closer: Blinded by Desire, 2004

    Realistic and hot tragicomedy, one of the best erotic movies with famous actresses. Jode Law is a young man who has a partner, Natalie Portman , and is attracted to Julia Roberts . The woman also has a partner, but they end up starting a passionate relationship.

  • 36. Ken Park, 2002

    A group of teenagers living in a California slum. It deals with the lives of young people, always focusing on their sexual experiences, showing explicit scenes. Do not miss it. It is among the best teen erotica.

  • 37.Shortbus, 2006

    Tragicomedy about people who seek their sexual and affective satisfaction. It is a transgressive proposal, which shows explicit sex without hesitation. Not to excite, but with the intention of talking about feelings, loneliness and inhibitions.

  • 38. Malena, 2000

    Monica Bellucci plays an irresistible young woman who comes to a new. Her husband in the war and the men notice her. A 13-year-old boy will take his desire to the limit in an obsessive fantasy . Great, one of the best erotic movies.

  • 39. Salo, or the 120 days of Sodom, 1975

    1944 4 men and 4 former prostitutes in Italy kidnap a group of young people to carry out all kinds of sexual perversions. It is the most unpleasant movie you can see and a criticism of the fascist state. It is among the most controversial erotic films.

  • 40. Melissa P, 2005

    An Italian play with the leading Spanish actress: Maria Valverde ( La fuga , Quiero de ti , Exodus …) It is a controversial adaptation of the autobiography of the young minor Melissa Panarello. It could not be missing among the best erotic movies.

  • 41. Trasgredire, 2000

    Ribbon of Tinto Brass . A girl is looking for an apartment for her boyfriend. She meets an exciting lesbian real estate agent. They will have a passionate relationship. Infidelity, lesbians and eroticism.

  • 42. Fuck Me, 2000

    It deals with sexual abuse, crimes, prostitution and sex. Two young men, marked by a violent destiny, come together on a wild journey of sex and violence. So explicit that we find it among the best erotica with explicit sex.

  • 43. Young and pretty, 2013

    The director and screenwriter was Francois Ozon, with Marine Vacth as the lead. A 17-year-old girl becomes a luxury prostitute behind her family's back. A journey of sexual self-discovery. Magnificent, one of the best erotic movies.

  • 44. Room in Rome, 2010

    Another Spanish film by maestro Julio Medem . The absolute protagonists are Elena Anaya and Natasha Yarovenko with their morbid lesbians. Inspired by the movie In Bed . It is another of the best erotic movies. To enjoy with these two beauties.

  • 45. Monamour, 2006

    A woman meets a gigolo with whom she has a sexual relationship in a museum. Later they meet at a party, where she has gone with her husband. She runs away to get back together with her lover. It is on the list of the best Italian erotica.

  • 46. ​​In bed, 2005

    Chilean film of 2005, directed by Matias Bize and starring Blanca Lewin as Daniela and Gonzalo Valenzuela as Bruno. 2 people meet in a cafe and end up in a hotel room, not knowing anything about each other. What will happen?

  • 47. 9 songs, 2004

    Directed by Michael Winterbottom and starring Kieran O'Brien and Margo Stilley. A couple meet in London. They will stay together to the rhythm of rock concerts and sex. It has explicit sex scenes.

  • 48. Malice, 1973

    The woman of a house has died and a young girl must take care of the housework. She will live with a widowed husband and her three children. The whole family will be attracted. It is among the best erotic movies and one of the best of the 70s .

  • 49. Paprika's Brothels, 1991

    Excellent Italian erotic film by Tinto Brass . At the time it was very innovative. A girl decides to enter a whorehouse to help her boyfriend... It's one of the best erotica of the 90s.

  • 50. Lovers, 1991

    Good movie from 1991 by Vicente Aranda . Jorge Sanz , Victoria Abril and Maribel Verdu stand out . In 1955 a young man settles in Madrid to live with his girlfriend. And he meets another girl. She is one of the best Spanish erotica.

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