Liberal couples or swingers

Liberal couples or swingers

Liberal couples or swingers are those who have sexual relations with third parties, by mutual agreement. Relationships must be very established to have alternative sex of this type. There must be a lot of trust, so much so that there should be no jealousy.

More adaptable than conventional relationships

For this situation, "conventional" means inflexible. Rules that must not be broken, and a strict definition in terms of rights, duties and benefits. A liberal couple, on the other hand, has more opportunities to experience and fulfill sexual fantasies, without it being a problem. You can try all kinds of sexual relationships, with all kinds of people and with all kinds of accessories. If one of the couple wants something, her partner will not prevent it. And that will make the relationship flow better, because there will be no reproaches, no desire to look for him behind his back. Therefore the love they feel will not be undermined.

The times they Are a changing

Today the roles are changing. What seemed inconceivable a few years ago. has become a reality. For example, women can work and men can stay at home. Or live together without being married. You just have to reach an agreement in the couple, and everyone will be happier doing what they like the most. And the same applies to sex. It is not necessary to stay in a monogamous relationship. In fact, the nature of the human being is to be attracted (normally) by the opposite sex. So this type of attraction supposes desires that, when not satisfied, frustrate. On the other hand, in an open relationship, this frustration is eliminated, and there is also sexual empathy.

It's something you both need to recognize

A liberal couple is not marked by restriction. It is something with which the two accomplices must agree, with the argument that, if not, it will not be a solid or advantageous relationship for both. In addition, one of the reasons for being a couple is that their individuals improve, advance. But this is so not because they deteriorate, but because they both enjoy this way and are totally in agreement. If there are contradictions,

Different types of sex

Liberal couples or swingers can have many types of sexual relationships. For example, one of them can be very promiscuous in a consensual way. Or you can also look for swingers, threesomes, orgies, exhibitionism... There is a lot that can be done. There is no rule that these relationships must have a type of sex, not at all. The only thing to keep in mind is that people are more open sexually and allow their lovers to fulfill their desires, together or separately.

Liberal couples or swingers are different

Despite what is trusted, this type of relationship does not imply that the couple is going to break up. From time to time, an open relationship can work. Maybe not always, but for a while. Or it may be the connecting link for certain couples. Each couple faces and solves problems differently. And what works for one swinger couple may not work for another.

Correspondence, trust and consideration

We insist that the keys for a liberal couple or swingers to consider themselves as such is trust. Couples love and trust each other so much that they enjoy knowing that their partner has even enjoyed sex with other people. They know that when they finish they will return to his arms, because they love each other. There is no doubt about it. For this, in addition to trusting, one must know how to respect, and consider each situation with the most open mentality. And this involves all kinds of proposals.

Tips for getting started in an open relationship

Some people will have no problem having a liberal or swinger relationship, while others will not do it for anything on the planet. But in between there are a lot of couples. Most are at that point. There are conceivable and numerous reasons why a man or a woman would recognize this type of relationship or not. It may be that the situation raised manages to open or close the person. And the situations occur with the day to day.

For example, a situation of exhibitionism may occur (sex in a public park with a voyeur). This can be accepted or not. They must both agree. Although this situation may not be accepted, while doing it online (in a cybersex session), maybe it is. And as a result of having a relationship of this type, in a satisfactory way, the mind is opened to having similar ones. Otherwise there would be no possibility of experiencing another situation. And after trying several, if you like both. This is how liberal or swinger couples usually start.

It is more common in young

For those in their late twenties, this type of relationship is much more attractive than for more stable couples. This is generated since the new age progressively considers that marriage is outdated. Or, on the other hand, maybe it's because they have to understand who they are sexually. Whether they like something or not. They want to try everything.

Liberal couples or swingers can stop being so

There are liberal or swinger couples who continue with this type of relationship for as long as the couple lasts, and others choose to make an effort to see if it works. In case they do not like it, or see that it is not for them, they can return to monogamy.

When everything is well spoken, it is prudent to start slowly. Information can be sought to build a solid foundation of principles. But after experiencing what an open relationship is, having great encounters and maybe they will reconsider their situation. Therefore liberal or swinger couples can agree for a period of time. Everything is within the rules that the couple establishes.