Know all the secrets of the most penetrating position in sex

Know all the secrets of the most penetrating position in sex

When we experience sex, we look for new pleasure stimuli that make each encounter have something different. It is normal that with the passage of time and monotony everything feels the same. One way to find something different is through new sexual positions. Within them, the sexual position that generates greater penetration is the position of the spoon.

Why is spoon pose so good?

There are several reasons that make this become a classic position. The first is because it allows greater freedom in regard to caresses and masturbation itself. That means that beyond the penetration itself, other areas that cause a lot of pleasure in the person can be touched.

With the position of the spoon, it is possible to give anal or vaginal penetration as desired. And of course, there is control on both sides in terms of rhythm and intensity.

The sensation in women during penetration is much greater. This is due to the posture itself that makes the joints relax and, therefore, that there is a greater sensation of general pleasure.

How to do the spoon pose correctly?

Although it is a very easy position, there are different options to perform it. A good way to learn is to watch porn channels and then recreate that scene. It serves a lot of reference and learning to see it from the outside.

Once you have seen in different videos how they do the posture, apply these actions little by little:

relax as much as possible

Spoon pose is a skin-to-skin pose. That means there will be a lot of intimacy between the two people. Relaxing is essential so that you can enjoy it. Here all the senses are involved, both touch and also the smell that appears from the neck, the hair and even the breath itself. If we add the sound to that, then we have a very powerful combination.

Try the different types of penetration

As we indicated earlier, in the position of the spoon you can penetrate vaginally as well as anal. Varying will help to see which one gives the most pleasure and best suits the couple. You can not only change the type of penetration, but also the form. For example, changing the angle at which it is done, the speed, the rhythm, etc. You could even let the other take control and guide the movement.

stimulate other areas

This type of posture allows the hands to be free and, therefore, with them other areas such as the woman's clitoris can be stimulated. No matter how they are with the position, it just helps to touch other erogenous zones of the body. If you want to experience even more, do it with a sex toy and you will quickly notice the difference.

For all these reasons and more, the spoon pose is a classic. Do you practice it?