Corporal punishment for an employee, Sadomaso story

Corporal punishment for an employee, Sadomaso story

Sonia went to bed and turned off the light in the room. She was nervous and the possibility of falling asleep seemed like a pipe dream. Tomorrow was the day of corporal punishment. She was summoned at ten in the office of her superiors to be judged. Absenteeism from work without justification, lies and attempted theft. The list of charges spoke for itself and a guilty verdict seemed to be the only option.

Sonia turned on her side, then face down and two minutes later she lay on her back again. All of her positions were awkward and her brain kept working looking for an impossible way out, getting tangled up in an infinite loop.

He had the option of opting for dismissal. It would be easy, he would save himself the humiliation and the hard time. But... then what? the future didn't look too good out there with the crisis and all that. No, there was no way out. Now the important thing was to sleep, arrive with a clear mind and maybe, just maybe, take advantage of some legal loophole, give a good image and make them take pity on her.

"Sex relaxes" he thought. In her imagination I draw the situation putting someone else in her place. From up there, as a spectator, the blows could even be erotic. She got carried away. She slipped her hand under her panties and began to rub her private parts. Sooner than expected her sphincter contracted involuntarily as a current of pleasure coursed through her body. Then she covered herself with the sheet, closed her eyes and in one go slept until half past six in the morning.

He woke up wanting to urinate, if he had dreamed he didn't remember anything. She looked at the clock and stayed in bed. Holding in the pee was a little annoying but somehow it relaxed her. At seven she decided to stop playing torture with her bladder, she got up and on the way to the bathroom she let out two farts. Then, already in the cup, while the pee came out with force, she threw some more.

He showered, ate a little breakfast, and dressed in new underwear, dark dress pants, and a white shirt. She slipped on her heels, picked up her leather briefcase, and headed off to work. The sun was shining in a cloudless sky and the breeze caressed her face.

At ten o'clock Sonia knocked on the office door and entered. Behind a black table sat the secretary, her immediate superior and the director. They all had a dossier with the employee's history in front of them, history that they had been reviewing for about twenty minutes.

Sonia looked at them and then her gaze went to another piece of furniture. A wide wooden bench from which leather straps ended in a kind of buckle. On the bench rested a cushion and a long stick.

The clerk swallowed hard and paled. Then, drawing strength from somewhere, she focused her attention on the waiting people.

- Sonia, we have been analyzing your case. The truth is that everything is quite clear.

The woman, not knowing where to put her hands, tried to stretch out and put her weight on her right leg. She coughed discreetly and began to speak, thanking those present for their time, acknowledging her guilt between the lines and requesting fair treatment.

- Tell me. Do you then opt for punishment?

Sonia hesitated for a moment, but answered firmly.

- Yes, I choose the punishment.

They say that showing courage and determination is helpful.

- It's okay. He will receive forty lashes on the behind. Please drop your pants and lie on your stomach on the bench.

Sonia felt a knot in the pit of her stomach. She suddenly found it difficult to move. However, slowly and somewhat clumsily, she managed to get down to her panties. The two men and the secretary waited patiently.

The clerk climbed onto the bench on her hands and knees and lay on her stomach with her belly resting on the cushion. Immediately, her superior was in charge of tying her with the leather straps. Finally, the secretary slid her fingers down Sonia's panties and in one jerk undressed her bum.

The director took the stick, waved it in the air a couple of times and announced the beginning of the punishment.

- Let's start. Please Marta, count the lashes out loud.

The secretary agreed and the rod, handled by the director, fell on Sonia's buttocks.

The clerk hoped it would sting, but not that much. The thought that this had only just begun distressed her.

- One!

The next whiplash was immediate.

- Of the!

Sonia tried to take a breath, to relax. But as soon as she heard her hiss, she contracted her buttocks hard trying to create a shield that turned out to be ineffective.

The next five blows hurt him and until number twenty, he managed, little by little, to get used to it, he knew what was coming, it stung, but he already knew it.

Then came a pause in which the secretary felt her red buttocks and applied a little cream to them.

The moment of relaxation ended too soon and the ten blows that followed were accompanied by complaints from the employee. Then came the 31st, 32nd, 33rd... and from then on, Sonia lost her composure. Thanks to her belts her body remained in position despite futile attempts to evade receiving the rod. The director, at that moment, as if he wanted to experience something new, dropped the following four quickly. Sonia screamed with each blow and began to sob.

- Please... it stings a lot. Please.

His pleas went unheeded and the rod bit into the battered buttocks once more.

- Thirty-eight!

Sonia, her face full of tears, awaited her fate, unable to squeeze her ass.

- Thirty nine!

- The last. His superior whispered in his ear.

Sonia noticed with a blur between her tears that the man's penis was pushing hard behind his pants.

The staff fell one last time hard, and pain spread through his body. Pain, heat and, who knows if the fruit of the frugal vision of the erection, excitement.

Sonia noticed that she had wet her panties, pee and perhaps other liquids had escaped.

The secretary untied her.

- Shall I pour you some cream?

- Voucher. Sonia replied as she dried her tears.

For a moment he concentrated on enjoying the caresses. She didn't care that she had wet herself and the embarrassment of standing there with her butt in the air had long since passed. She itched a lot. Surely that night she would sleep face down, with her ass exposed to the caresses of the air. She imagined that a painter found that pose interesting and captured it in a painting... why not. If the Venus of the mirror centuries later continued to make us look at her butt, why wouldn't she show future generations a red ass, a naked body, a playful hand lost down there and a flushed face representing the pleasure that comes from stinging of a good spanking.